Back at work, and some behind the scenes

Larimeloom sardinia

My beautiful, long, warm island vacations are long over, and the tan is already fading. It ended up being Sardinia after much organisational procrastination and debate, and it was lovely!

I finished all the orders in a flurry last May, working long hours and trying to keep everything under control despite this scatterbrain of a mind I have, and then just forgot everything and ignored wifi connections for the whole of the month of June. Lovely.

Larimeloom Camping

July 1st marked back at work date, and, between stitching up orders, I’ve been trying to reorganise my work flow.  This is harder then it would seem, it requires a lot of thinking and imagination, and also adds on a whole lot of work while you try out new systems and put them in place. Also, it seems to be the cause for sleepless nights while you desperately try to figure out if you really need that new serger, or if the old, tried, oil-sputtering one is still up for it (it’s NOT so I DO). Or if it’s a good idea to split up production between two different areas (I am almost sure it is not). Or if I can fit yet another sewing machine in my full full sewing room (I will make so that I can, so I can avoid the above. Crossing fingers).

new sewing machine

My new baby called Juki

AKA the culprit of all the re-organising going on

Another open chapter is figuring out the photo set lights and set up, as I mean to become independent again with photoshooting and editing. It’s almost almost done, just missing a good lighting setup and I’m good to go!  I cant wait.

An exciting bit of news is that my sister, who is 17, is doing a short summer internship with me! It’s super fun to teach her sewing and debate the pros and cons of decisions with her, she’s super level headed and her advice is priceless! She’s also building my street sign, which after 2 whole years in this studio is still missing entirely!  We shall see what she comes up with!

In the meantime, I am taking orders again and production times are back to normal. Cant wait to start seeing what 2018 brides have in mind!

So, if you are ever wondering, you will find me splitting my days between wracking my brains on how to better manage my work space and time, sewing, and having fun at summer festivals, working in the garden and having pizzas with friends. I’ll be going to check that dough now!

pizza dough

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