You are always welcome to write me an email, but in the meantime I will try to answer here a few of the questions I get most frequently!
If you can’t find your answer, email me at info@larimeloom.com

Where are you located?
I work and live in the beautiful and sunny Italy. Here I have my studio, but Larimeloom was born online and the vast majority of my customers are spread all over the world

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! I am happy of offer international shipping all over the world. I use Fedex, and expedited shipping is included automatically with every order.

How do you manage making custom tailored clothing from afar?
I design with this purpose in mind, strategically balancing my designs to ensure a stress free, painless experience, and a flattering comfortable fit.
And so with accurate measurements and few photos of the person I am able to create a well fitting garment, made specifically for you.
Instead of fitting you inside a pre-conceived size, I fit the dress around you! So much better.
A standard size (which is what the fashion industry revolves around) is just a set of measurements in to which we are made to fit. By swapping those with your ACTUAL measurements, the result is much more accurate, flattering and comfortable.

How does sizing work?
Wedding dresses, unless they are one of a kind or samples, are all made to measure. This means I cannot make the dress until I have your accurate measurements (you will find the list of measures needed for each design on the listing page) and photos of you.
For ready to wear, I can work with generic sizes (you can find a size chart on each listing) but if you prefer a custom fit, you can simply provide the measurements needed on the listing page, and I will cut it proportioned for you.
If you can’t send me the measurements for whatever reason, choose the size closest to your body, and include a picture of yourself. Pictures help me proportion things well and are very useful!

Sometimes I have some one of a kind items which come in one size, and the measurements will be disclosed clearly in the description.In this case, you must match your measurements and see if the garment will suit you.

Can I customise or alter any of your designs?
Yes! I love custom work and love to mix and match elements of my designs, so ask away! I do not do copies of other people’s designs, but feel free to send me reference images as inspiration as well.

How far from the wedding should I order my wedding dress and how long will it take to make it?
For a custom made wedding dress it is ideal to order about 3-4 months before the wedding. This will leave me ample time to work on the gown, and ship it in advance so you can have it altered if needed, and find the perfect accessories. But not too much time so your size fluctuates a lot or you get tired with the design you chose.
I can work with less time, up to a minimum of 4 weeks.
Rush orders are available but fees may be involved, so do inquire before hand.
To optimise my time, I organise my work around the wedding dates, not the dates of order.
I will need to know the exact date of your wedding and will deliver your dress with about 4 weeks advance minimum, often more. If you feel more comfortable with more time, just let me know and I will work my schedule around that.
Most dresses will need at least 6 weeks from when the order is placed to when I ship, so please keep that in to account.
If you order late, (under 6 weeks from the wedding) the time between your receiving it and the wedding may necessarily be less. Everything will be communicated along the way so you will know what to expect case by case. Your peace of mind is always my priority so just let me know your needs.
I usually also have a selection of sample or one of a kind dresses in a few sizes that can be shipped out immediately provided that they fit you so if you have a last minute wedding emergency email me and we can discuss options!

And how long does it take for ready to wear?
All custom ready to wear garments will typically be made and shipped within 10 workdays.Do inquire about rush order options.

Can you send a sample to try?
No, sample dresses are used for photo shoots, production and my local showroom, I cannot ship them to be tried on.Also, each dress is made for the individual, so trying on a sample will not give you an accurate feeling of what it would look like.
I am happy to send fabric swatches ad extra photos though so let me know if you’d like that. I offer appointments in my studio, and am available via email to discuss options and help you decide.

Do you have any stockists?
No, I am a small business, and I like to keep the connection with my customers personal. Selling through stockists would mean loosing that connection.
You can buy from all over the world directly through my website, or come personally to my studio.

How do I take my measurements?
There is a size chart and measurement guide in every listing page, specific for the type of garment you intend to order, and if you have any doubts you can email me at any time.

How do I place my order?
To order, you can simply make your choice and place your order though my website. If it is a custom design that you are interested in, email me and we will discuss options and pricing until we find what is perfect for you, and then I will set up a personal listing for you to order.

How do I know how much shipping is?
If you add the dress you want to purchase in to your cart, you will find the shipping calculated for you upon entering your address and country. Shipping will be through FedEx, and I will send you the tracking code so you will have access to detailed tracking information via fedex.com.

Can you help me with alterations?
Sometimes it is best to have certain things done locally (perfecting the length of a dress, shortening a strap, etc), but I am always available for advice and am willing to do alterations on your Larimeloom garment, usually free of charge, provided you pay for shipping back and forth. The best thing is to get in touch so we can discuss the issue.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?
Yes! All my garments, unless otherwise discussed in private prior to your order, are returnable for an exchange or a refund within 14 days of order. Shipping and customs fees where applicable are not refundable and you will be expected to pay both ways.

Do you do sales?
Hi each item is custom made upon oder based on your specific size and color needs, so no I don’t do sales! I don’t have overstock I need to move, just fabric waiting to become a creation ;)I do have some sample garments on sale occasionally and if so, they will be in the “Samples” section of my store.

Can I be assured of your business?
I have been hand making and selling custom made clothing since 2007, and my reputation is stellar. I sell to women all over the world and pride myself in delivering exceptional service, both in the product quality and in the customer service that stands behind it.
Before launching my personal website, I sold mainly on Etsy, where I collected thousands of positive reviews and happy customers. You can read them all, from the very beginning, here: www.etsy.com/larimeloom/reviews
It is my opinion that even a wrong purchase experience can be a positive customer experience, and strive my best to provide that for every single person who buys from me.