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We are a creative design studio and we make wedding dresses and casual wear for women.
All Larimeloom garments are designed and individually crafted by hand in our atelier in Reggio Emilia – Italy.

We believe in careful consumption.

 We value thoughtful design, striving to create timeless and modern silhouettes using quality, sustainable, long lasting materials.

We care about the process as much as the end result.

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Larimeloom is a small company born out of our love for craftsmanship, creativity and beauty.

The customer is the focal point of our work. It is the individuals we dress, and their personality that guide our creative process.

Our passion for raw materials and nature, the different connections that are possible between them have always intrigued us. In our atelier, we connect the dots, weaving the threads of creativity, art and design. We invite people on a journey, discovering the materials and fabrics we use, as we try to give life to unique, meaningful garments.

Technology allows us to connect with customers worldwide, creating relationships that are close and personal no matter where you are located.

In this sense the internet has been essential for our company.

Where we live gives us a strong identity. Italy, its bright, warm sunshine, ancient tradition of handcraft, glorious monuments and art. Reggio Emilia, our hometown, where innovation, both cultural and economic, is incredibly lively and stimulating. Here, we open the doors of our atelier to welcome you in person.

Since 2007 we have been designing custom-made garments.

We have connected with and dressed thousands of women, always aiming to create a unique custom design, and a unique human connection.

We carefully select the materials we use to create clothing that is unconventional, fresh and functional. We take care of each and every step of the production line in-house, a modern artisan’s workshop. 

We consider our work environment a central part of the process, a key element not only for us working here every day, but also for the customers who come visit. Over the years we have made several moves, working in different cities and locations. Now our studio is in Reggio Emilia, where we have a large, airy, and luminous open space.

It is here that we have the privilege of creating handmade clothing for you.

Maria Lucia Squillari


I started sewing directly with the raw materials: cloth, scissors and a sewing machine, cutting and draping materials intuitively, following the folds and textures as I taught myself to sew. The pleasure the fabric gave me as it flowed between my fingers, magically transforming into a dress, enthralled me and holds me captive to this day.

I founded Larimeloom in 2007 when I was twenty years old, giving space to a manual and creative vocation that had always been a driver for me. I had my mother’s Singer sewing machine, an ever-growing collection of fabrics, and loved a good challenge.

Once I started, I simply could not stop. The hours I was spending discovering the ins and out of sewing and custom tailoring, the sheer number of garments I was creating, the thrill I felt in noticing problems and finding solutions, led me to improve quickly. With these growing technical skills I was able to translate ideas into dresses that were becoming more and more refined, both in design and tailoring.

Over time I have built a collection that responds to a very specific idea: offering an alternative to the conventional fashion standard, providing custom dresses that are built for and around the wearer.

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We believe in sustainable, ethical, slow fashion, where the focal points are the quality of the products and the human connections they create.

We use high quality, sustainable and durable natural materials that can accompany those who wear them from season to season, as their style evolves.

We strive to create functional garments. Our collection evolves over the years, not following the fast-paced seasonal rhythms of the fashion industry. We make garments with original cuts and a minimalist design aesthetic, which draw inspiration from the unexpected, pure and harmonious lines of nature.

Garments designed around the person and their needs. A natural, comfortable piece, that will feel like a second skin.

We develop our designs following a zero waste logic, with patterns that take full advantage of the size of the piece of cloth chosen, with minimal fabric waste. With our scraps we create some of our favorite designs, giving life to modern and unexpected pieces that have a unique kind of beauty.

We dye our fabrics using non-toxic pigments and completely natural colors. All our wedding dresses, once used, can be re-designed and transformed into a piece that can be worn in everyday life.

We are available via email for any request, simple or strange!

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A custom-made garment has a character and a personality that no industrially manufactured dress will be able to imitate.

The small irregularities, the care for finishings visible in each seam, the unique way in which each piece finds its definitive shape based on the client’s body and taste, become a guarantee of the individuality of the dress itself, which always is a magical combination of the designers intentions and the clients imagination.

Each Larimeloom garment is created by hand, with care and attention at every stage of production: from the idea, to the pattern, to the draping of the customized draft, up to the cutting of fabric, sewing and packaging.

This highly individualized production process leaves room for almost unlimited customization, so specific ideas and requests from those who wear the dress can seamlessly be integrated into the creative process.

Let us know what you have in mind, write us and let’s design something together!

Abito da sposa made in italy


There is nothing more pleasant to the touch than a natural fabric, and there is nothing more exciting to work with. For this reason we select fabrics of the highest quality for our work, made from natural fibers like silk, hemp, wool, bamboo, linen cotton.

The quality and aesthetic value of the fabric itself is essential in the design of a dress: the type of material, its textures and shades are the first elements that we focus on.
We like the unexpected contrasts, the strength of a hemp bodice in contrast with the pureness of sheer silk, or a precious, delicate lace combined with a raw hemline.

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We dye many of our silk fabrics by hand, using natural dyes and non-toxic pigments.

Purple cabbage for a dusty blue, tea leaves for a particularly beautiful shade of ivory, onion skins or  golden rod flowers (Solidago Virgaurea) for a vibrant and bright yellow; and then again, chestnuts for  a warm brown, black-eyed-susan flowers (Rudbeckia) for a marshy green, poppy petals for a delicate  lavender color, cochineal for pink, lilac, blush, fuchsia….

When we need even more color, and can’t find a natural solution for it, we use non-toxic, artificial pigments that are permanently fixed to the fibers using only wine vinegar. This way, we can offer a complete color palette without giving up on sustainability.

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Italy has a strong tradition of craftsmanship paired with an incredibly rich artistic history. Handmade, artisanal productions have always been the pride of our country, with a centuries-old textile and leather manufacturing industry that has made us known all over the world.

From Reggio Emilia, halfway between Milan and Florence, we connect the dots between artistic research, craftsmanship, experimentation and innovation. Here we combine art with technology, tradition with innovation.

We are proud to be able to offer you the values ​​that my family and my passion have given me, through what we are making, and how we are making it.

Find out more about where we are by visiting our Contacts page.

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Since 2007 we create clothing by hand, one garment at a time, curating details and aesthetic.