Sizing Guide

Made just for you, to fit especially you!

Our wedding dress collection is entirely made to order. This means that we have a studio full of fabrics, samples and patterns, and after you order, we personally cut and stitch your dress directly i

This way of working reduces waste, as we only make what is needed. It allows for complete freedom in the customisation of the designs, which in turn guarantees high levels of satisfaction.

The process

Our entire bridal collection is custom made to measure, we never cut in standard sizes, as each person is unique. We will send you a specific list of the measures we need for the design of your choice, (or take them personally during your fitting in the atelier, if you come in person) and then we will cut and sew your dress, patterned to fit your own exact proportions, and featuring all the details you wish for.

Because we do not work with standard sizing, it is highly likely that the dress will fit you immediately without needing any alterations, even when we work at a distance without in person fittings. Based on the measures and photos you provide (or we collect during the fitting), we recreate your shape by carefully padding out a mannequin: during construction, the fit will be constantly checked and perfected using this very physical reference throughout the construction process.