My website’s birthday + A sale

Larimeloom birthday sale

My website’s birthay + My first newsletter = I’m having a sale!

Today is my website’s birthday! (and I also sent out my first ever newsletter!!!  If you’d like to join the fun, subscribe via the form in the footer!)

It’s been one crazy year since I launched it, and the learning curve has been steep and intense. Self taught as I am in all things business, design, marketing, sewing, designing, e-commerce, I follow where the work leads me and roll up my sleeves and jump in.

Right now I am about to jump in to a new photoshoot.. this time it will be hosted in my own self-made studio in the atelier’s garage, and the photographer will be none other then.. yours truly!

So I am diving in to the topic of studio lights, and obscuring curtains and camera settings. Whilst creating new pieces for winter and spring. And stitching up orders. And handling the pull of a firewood hearth and a book.

The models will be a handful of my girlfriends. The aim is to keep it raw and real. To have a diverse group of women bringing my garments to life. Any age, any size, any height. As long as there is personality, I’m happy. I do not want to dress a so called perfect body with seemingly a flawless shape.

I want to dress YOU. I want you to be able to express yourself and feel reflected in what you wear. To maybe help you push the boundaries of what you are used to wear, but always doing it in harmony with your person.

My motto:

If you don’t feel beautiful in something you put on, it’s not you. It’s the garment. This is why I dont work by collections. My line is built slowly, over the years, adding new designs and keeping the ones that work.  It’s also why I focus a lot on custom sizing, and am happy to customise my designs in color, length, design. It’s also why I want to remain a small business, with a small studio. To have time to explore and diversify, to be able to remain flexible and open to new projects. And most of all to be able to keep that one-on-one relationship with my customers, following each order from start to finish both in person and via email.

When you call, visit, write, you are always be reaching me personally.

So hi, and thank you! you guys make the work awesome! To all you beautiful people who chose to join me, I am going to offer a little gift.

Use the code:

for 10% off your entire order from now through Thursday the 25th!

Ps: it’ll work for bridal too! 

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