About change, growth, identity

Larimeloom atelier in Italy

About change, growth, identity.

The past few months have been full of stirring and brewing, ever since my partner and I decided to ride this restlessness we have been feeling for a while, and move across the country. We are moving to Reggio Emilia!

Moving is sometimes like the moulting of a skin. The old one is just too tight. During the process, I get to review every single aspect of what my work and business looks like, expand what i like, rethink what I don’t, implement what is missing, take the opportunity to set the foundations of what shape I want this business to take on in the future.

Over the 11 years that I have been building working at this business that is my livelihood and passion, this is the fourth time I go through the process, each time the scope of decisions is broader, the implications are deeper, the possibilities feel more and more vast. Every single time is thrilling and nerve wracking in equal parts.

The space I found for my next studio is incredible, much beyond my expectations in so many ways. Spacious, airy, with white floors and a warm wood ceiling. And most important of all, it is filled with natural light thanks to its’s six big windows and four skylights.  It will hold all of the production and designing space, our office, showroom and an area for dyeing and painting fabrics by hand. I love having everything under one roof, in the same space, so as to keep all aspects of the process fluid, organic, personal.

Everything I sell is made to order, often highly personalised, and my goal is that this process be tangible, visible. There is still a lot of work to do to get where I want to be, but that’s what keep the process interesting. It is going to be a warm, light, cozy space, a place for people: me, my customers, my team. I cant wait to experience what this move will bring!

Larimeloom atelier external view

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