Sometimes, I get to make wedding dressed for friends

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Sometimes, I get to make wedding dressed for friends.

And when I do, it is an extra special feeling. Why? Well, for one because I get to share such an intimate and unique experience, the choosing of the most special dress, which is fun, sweet, emotional. But most of all, because I also get to attend the wedding! At any given moment of that day, you will likely find me staring at the bride with a giddy smile on my face.

I just cant get past the feeling of seeing something I made take on a life of it’s own and be something real, concrete, that takes on a life and a meaning of it’s own. It happens every single time I see someone wear something I’ve made, but the feeling is so much more intense at a wedding!  Francesca was the sweetest, so beautiful and graceful, and the dress she had me make was so perfectly unique to her. The photographer was also a dear friend Debora Isaia, with whom I have collaborated multiple times over the years. Here is a beautiful image from their wedding photos, I cannot wait to see the rest!

PS: to make things almost unbearable, there was a certain little five-year-old niece of the groom who took it upon herself to bear the short organza train of the dress for 15 hours straight. And when the bride was standing, she would hug her legs and stare up at her adoringly. It was simply just too much cute all in one day.

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