“Mi sono sentita me stessa”

Ciao Lucia, con molto ritardo ti allego qualche foto della meraviglia che hai creato nei vari modi in cui l’ho indossata. Grazie ancora, mi sono sentita me stessa e allo stesso tempo bellissima e speciale! Spero di poterti ringraziare anche di persona, magari quando deciderò di portarti il vestito per tingerlo. A presto!

Becky Pannell

  As soon as I touched the fabric I could tell it had been made with love by a real artist. It fitted just as it should and it was beautifully wrapped. The only problem was that it took an extra day to ship…I was getting anxious! Other than that, nearly all my worries about […]

Megan Farley

  Wow!!:):) Words can not fully express my happiness with my wedding dress!! It was better than I could have imagined. I wanted something that felt like me, I didn’t want to be masked with the usual bridal glitz and glitter. I felt naturally beautiful, the dress was like a second skin. The dress is […]


  I cannot describe how absolutely gorgeous this dress is! It fits perfectly and it looks just like the photo, only even better if that’s possible! Beautiful design, beautiful craftmanship! Really an exquisite piece. I think we will be seeing this designer on the Paris runways soon (and I am talking fashion, not airport!) Thanks!!

Michele Samm

Bardane testimonials

  Finally got to wear this absolutely gorgeous gown for my wedding on Friday. Felt like a princess. All thanks to the wonderful, talented Maria Lucia Squillari – thank you so much Lucia

Jenny DeLuca

  Avevo qualche riserva nell’acquistare un abito da sposa confezionato a distanza, senza vederlo dal vivo, ma appena ho aperto il pacco si sono sciolti tutti i miei dubbi… abito elegante, semplice come lo volevo io. Perfetto nelle linee. Complimenti Lucia e grazie per la tua disponibilità!

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