authentic and personalized dresses

OUR PROCESS for authentic and personalized dresses

Our goal is to create a personal and unique relationship with each customer for authentic and personalized dresses. This allows us to work in an authentic and personalized way, guaranteeing high standards of satisfaction and fit, and an unconventional shopping experience.

We aim to create something with a story of its own, that expresses your personality, fits you like a glove and gets worn time and time again.

OUR APPROACH for authentic and personalized dresses

Everything starts from the fabric, when it meets the hands.

We design and manufacture our clothes with an approach that combines artisan dexterity and artistic taste. Starting from the fabric, shapes are created and what was just a vision becomes reality. Carefully, with patience and attention to detail, the garment is constructed, stitching together form and function, obtaining a unique piece that take shape around the curves of the body it is made for.

Our dresses are minimal, ethereal garments where fabric, color and cut meet the techniques and craftsmanship we develop constantly over the years.

Silk, hemp, cotton, leather, lace, linen are our materials of choice.

As a palette of possibilities, our designs can be used as a starting point to give shape to your ideas.

Color, hand dyeing, silk painting can add a unique and unexpected detail.

authentic and personalized dresses


Two collections of women’s clothing, destined for different uses, but are made with the same design principles.

Short sleeved Princess wedding dress

Out collection is divided in an Everyday collection and a Bridal collection. Both are conceived with the idea of translating fabric, textures and color into a carefully thought out garment.

The Bridal collection is created with the idea of highlighting women’s individuality, letting their natural beauty speak for itself, with our carefully curated selection of natural fabrics lending it a high-end, luxurious feel.

Fresh, minimalist and feminine designs, with a strong focus on comfort of wear and quality of the materials used.

We offer a selection of garments that can be purchased directly, or which can be used as a starting point for creating a custom design combining your ideas with our design aesthetic.

All wedding dresses are made from scratch after your purchase, to fit your specific measurements.

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The same philosophy translates into the Everyday collection, which showcases minimalist, modern pieces with a practical, comfortable and versatile design, made to represent the unique woman wearing them.

As for the bridal collection, you may purchase the design as proposed, available both in practical sizes or customized to your measurements, or you can contact us and we can design a fully customized dress for you.

Thanks to a consolidated experience of remote customization and design, combined with unique and innovative techniques developed through years of experience, we are able to dress women all over the world.

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Made to measure or in a standard size

Come prendere le misure

All the items in our collection can be purchased online through our Shop, or in person, by visiting our atelier in Reggio Emilia.

We value deeply a perfect fit, so where possible we prefer to cut and sew everything to your specific body measurements. The extra bit of time and attention it requires is definitely worth it when you take your garment out of the box, slip it on and it feels like a second skin.

The wedding dresses are always made to measure. If ordered remotely, we will provide you with a detailed list of the measures we need. 
Once you fill it out, you simply send it back to us along with some of your photos of your body, so that we can see how the measures taken translate to your body’s exact proportions.

If you come in person, we will take the measures during your appointment.

The garments of the separates and accessories collection are also stitched after the order is received, and are sometimes available in standard sizes or, other times available only as made to measure.

Please be sure to choose the correct size by verifying your measures on our size chart. For more information visit our size guide.


Here you will find some information on how to choose a garment and place your order, whether it be a casual garment or a wedding dress.

Browse the different designs available in the shop, and if you are looking for a wedding dress, be sure to visit the real brides portfolio for more ideas and inspiration on what can be achieved.


If you find what is right for you, you can order it directly from the shop.

If instead you have something personalized in mind, contact us and tell us what you liked and what you have in mind. You will discuss the details with Lucia, the designer.

We will provide you with a detailed quote and instructions on how to order.


Each dress is handmade, in all its parts, directly by us in our atelier in Reggio Emilia.


We will keep you informed about the progress, and we remain available at all times for any questions or doubts.


When the dress is ready, we will ship it to the address you provided during the order phase.

We use Fedex for all our shipments, an expedited courier who guarantees 3 to 5 day delivery worldwide with full tracking. The package will be safely at your home within a few days of shipment.

We provide you with the tracking code so you can track your shipment online.

For more information, visit Shipping and Returns.


Share your impressions with us, it is important receive feedback about our work, in order to get better at what we do.

Read the reviews sent us by past customers.



We are in Reggio Emilia, right in the center of Italy, halfway between Milan and Florence