Serena’s Flowing Kaftan Wedding Dress

flowing silk kaftan wedding dress

Serena’s dress is a blend of two dresses of my collection: the Hedera and the Eucalyptus. It features a slip base dress of double layer crepe de chine with spaghetti straps (the Saponaria), and a loose, flowing sheer silk over dress that starts like the Hedera, elbow length, but then grows wider and wider as […]

Chiara’s frozen December wedding

winter wedding dress wedding photos

Chiara got married in Cuneo, on a super cold, crisp December day of 2017. She chose separates, the Ilex bustier and the Nymphea skirt in ivory and white, paired with a soft pure wool custom coat. Under the coat, she wore a lovely lace top with silk edging and small hand-covered silk buttons running down the […]

A lakeside elopement in Colorado

private elopement in the mountains wedding dress

Caroline and Gregg eloped, in the wild wild mountains near Denver, Colorado with only their little girl and their dogs and the big wide sky. Caroline found my original, very first Anemone sample on sale last year, and she paired it with a custom made ivory Parsley crop top. Under it, she wore a vintage […]

Lucia’s Mountain wedding

Lucia's Mountain wedding ~ A real bride wearing Larimeloom

Lucia is a local bride, who found me via word of mouth. Sweet, simple, with an enormous smile and the cutest little boy ever! She got married this summer in a village in the Alps and she chose the Tilia wedding dress combined with the Lupin top, customised using a special lace (the Dawn lace, […]

A bride out of Faerie Land

Fairy bride in Larimeloom wedding dress

This bride is straight out of faerie land… with her auburn braids, and peachy complexion creating a beautiful contrast with her edgy tattoos! She chose the Tilia wedding dress, and added a lace sash at the waist for more details. And how gorgeous is that bouquet?!

Amber and Andrew. And some magical waterfalls

Amber married her Andrew in one of the most magical places ever… under a stunning, roaring waterfall, in the midst of moss and misty spray.   She chose the Tilia wedding dress, which, with it’s textured vintage hemp bodice and smooth, flowing silk skirt matched the natural setting beautifully.  And that flower crown? Perfection.

Alexandra, happily ever after

bride and groom

hello my dear Lucia, the big day is over, and I wanted to let you know, that it was one of the best days of our life. My husband was completely overwhelmed from my look, and the wonderful dress! I felt so well, was happy, everything was easy! Thank you for that, I couldn´t imagine […]

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