Tanya’s Dramatic Country Wedding in Australia

dramatic country wedding, bride and groom, fairy wedding dress, handmade custom wedding gown

Tanya’s dramatic wedding photos really stand out. The golden hour in the Australian countryside. Tanya chose a unique design with a layered and stitched bodice, a variation on the Amaryllis design, with sequin panels stitched to the front. The straight neckline is accented with a silk tape, and the coset is wide, hugging the back. […]

Samantha’s Australian Wedding in the Woods

two peice wedding outfit, outdoor wedding, bride and groom, bohemien brides, australia wedding

Samantha’s beautiful woodland photos are such a pleasure to look at. She married in Australia, wearing the Anemone skirt, in all ivory and floor length, paired with the Clover lace top. Under it she had me make a custom double layer stretchy bodysuit, which will son be available in the shop as well, it’s such […]

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