A love for two piece wedding dresses

two piece wedding dresses

A love for two piece wedding dresses

I am happy to announce that my new bridal collection is all online! And as you may easily notice, this time around it is FULL of two piece wedding dresses, and of wedding dress separates! I started exploring them last year, and I must admit that I loved them. They convey a relaxed charm, a layed back ease that is perfectly in line with both my design style and my personality.

Here’s a few reasons why you might like to choose a two (or three) piece wedding dress! 

• They have a special easy charm to them that a one piece dress sometimes lacks.
• You can easily customise your look by mixing and matching different tops and bottoms, for an entirely personalised look.
• It is very easy to change up your look during your wedding day by simply adding or removing this or that element of your outfit, so the wow factor is still definitely there.
• They usually look great, and also less formal, worn on their own: this means you get to wear them again and again after the wedding!
• Did I mention they are COMFY? So comfy.
• Price. Often a two piece dress is less work then a full dress, resulting in a stunning look, with less cost involved!

Let your imagination run loose!

You can browse my different options either here, where you find listings for the individual elements, and here where you can see some outfit suggestions and purchase the full look.

You can also let your imagination loose, and split apart the full wedding dresses, any bottom part can be transformed in to a wedding skirt, and by pairing it with a simple blouse, or a lace top you will create a personal look that is effortless original and comfortable!

The combinations are just about endless so let your imagination loose!

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