As I look out of the window, the chill of winter still lingering all around the studio, I can’t help but feel it and smile.

Outdoors, Nature is stirring, preparing for the warm season ahead. Snow is now rain, the sun is warmer, when it’s out, spring is around the corner, and even though it might take a little bit yet, I can clearly feel the signs.

It’s hiding behind the brave little spears of crocus poking in my flowerbeds, and in the branches of the rose bushes I pruned yesterday, and swelling the pussy-willow blossoms to the point of bursting.

My cat has not noticed the excitement yet, and he’s quite disdainful of the melting snow that drenches the outdoor world. He keeps to his napping.

A time for new beginnings!

I am in the midst of putting the finishing touches to the studio (after more then a year I must admit, and only thanks to my boyfriend’s insistent offers to help).

We put in new shelvings to organise the fabric storage room, made a new thread rack AND ordered a rainbow of beautiful Gutermann sewing threads, and did a couple of much needed tweaks here and there.

The new thread rack

Just look at that rainbow….. *swoon*

Next on my list is a nice general spring cleaning, and getting a hang of the loads of new web stuff to learn when running an independent e-commerce.

Whilst tackling the onslaught of March wedding dress orders, because what’s more Spring in the world than a wedding dress?

Oh, and then there’s those thirty-something new products that need to be added to the ready to wear section…

…. I’ll go back to contemplating Spring.

Photos by Alexis Rose Photography


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